Your company and industry metrics will come to life in Google Data Studio.  See our LIVE demos of working dashboards that we’ve embedded in our website.

Import, clean, and transform your datasets in nightly processing routines.  This automation will keep your reporting up to date without any manual changes.  We can explore adding forecasting steps to project into the future as well.


Our resulting dashboard will integrate into most CRM systems or internal websites so that you can see the data where you use it most.

  • Forecasting Solutions

    Google Machine Learning
  • Automated Reporting

    Nightly Refresh of Data Sources
  • Data Processing

    Cleansing and Transformation


Our dashboards will leverage your datasets to create automated reporting in Google DataStudio.  Once complete, the dashboard can generally be placed wherever you want it to live – CRM / Internal Website / Other Locations.  Ask us about your idea and situation and we’ll research the solution for you.

Dashboard based reporting allows you to retire Excel attachments and create real-time reports that are updated automatically.  Eliminate manual updates to reports and setup a dashboard that can be shared with all stakeholders on your team.

We don’t use proprietary tools so you can maintain as much ownership and control over your implementation as you’d like!

The datasets that you use in the reporting dashboards will all leverage Google world class security and will be stored in our Google instance.  You control the access to the dashboards, and ultimately we allow you to control the entire instance if you’d like.

We are proud to offer a huge value to our clients. Our rates are extremely competitive.  Our team has seen the fees that boutique integration companies charge and we challenge ourselves to keep costs down so that your implementation is as cost effective as possible.


Google data tools offer amazing scalability.  Whether you have 50,000 rows of data or 1B+ rows of data, Google Cloud solutions will enable us to process the datasets that you need to derive dashboards from.

About Us

As your primary consultant and implementation specialist, Eric Hicks is a lifetime learner and data geek who loves Google Tools. I’ve worked in management consulting, broadcasting, ad tech, and recently in industrial spaces delivering platform solutions and managing software development projects. I can’t wait to learn about the challenges that your team is facing with large or small data projects.

My past clients include –

  • CBS
  • CNN

When I’m not tackling data challenges, you’ll find me enjoying the sunshine and mountain views in Colorado! I’ve got an MBA and BSEE degree from CU Boulder, go Buffs!


Drop us a line, and we will be in touch shortly.


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